What happens if I cancel?
You can cancel at anytime, there are no contracts. If you cancel your subscription and have been with EZsytes for at least 12 months, we will provide you with all design elements, website content, blog postings, page layouts and the generated HTML and CSS. Due to the proprietary elements of our EZsytes platform we are not able to provide the underlying website code, or database files.
How long does it take until I go live?

Our goal is to get your site launched in 4 weeks. Some take a longer, depending on revisions, content submissions, your approvals and complexity of the project. We recommend that you approve the site to go live as soon as possible. Let’s not wait till it’s ‘perfect’ because perfect may never come.  This way your new site can start building its SEO ranking and attracting customers. The EZsytes Website Service allows for unlimited changes so there is plenty of time to get it right.

How do you differentiate my site from my competitors?

Your website has a unique design and the content we build is also unique. We don’t use a template to build your site so each design is unique. After your site is live, a competitor website for some reason looks similar to yours we will work with your to adjust it until you’re satisfied.

How will you help bring more traffic?

Although traffic is never guaranteed, after switching to FWL our clients often have an increase in organic traffic. The two main reasons more visibility in local business directories and detailed attention to improving your website’s SEO.

I have a website. Tell me what’s involved in a redesign.

EXpsyte developers will take the content on your existing site and implement it in a modern, professional, mobile-friendly website. We’ll make sure all your links work and preserving your Google juice and URL structure. Once your site is live, the monthly subscription plan ensures the safe continued operation of your new site and allows you to add and modify content as needed.

What does the maintenance cover? Is it a good deal?

The monthly fee pays for hosting your site on the Internet on our servers. We maintain and manage your website, keeping the software used to build it up to date.  We also provide unlimited update tasks to keep your site updated and in top shape.

We are fanatical about security.  Making your site secure is a #1 priority. Our servers are monitored 24/7 to detect any attempted intrusion or virus. Due to this top-of-the-line security monitoring service, in the unlikely case that there is an issue we will find and fix it well before you even notice there was an issue.

And yes, it’s a very good deal. We put your site on the same servers we use to run our business so you can be confident that it’s being properly managed and protected. We’re available any time to support your site including maintenance and content updates. You’d need a team of in-house experts to get the same level of service you enjoy with Fast Website Launch.

How can I contact you about an issue with my website?

We’re proud to be available any time whatever your chosen contact method. Call us at 845-634-0200. Chat live with a US-based agent on our website 24/7. You can log into your account on our support portal and submit or respond to an open ticket. Hit us up on Twitter @fastweblaunchsupport. Send us an email. Our support fanatics are ready to help you!

How do I update content on my website, once it’s live on the Internet?

That’s part of the plan! We’ll take care of any updating for you. Of course, if you want to update content yourself, we provide instructions on how to do that. Whether it’s adding a photo or updating an event calendar, we can help you quickly and easily.

Where is Fast Website Launch located?

Fast Website Launch headquarters is located in New York, just north of the City. Using the power of the Internet, we have a virtual team of business and technology experts across the United States focused on creating, managing and maintaining websites. We are a US-based company with US-based workers. When you call Fast Website Launch, you’ll reach someone in the USA.

Who does the interviews for Fast Website Launch?

Your interview will be a conversation with one of our business consultants, a technology expert with years of experience working with business owners and managers. Our consultant will gather the information necessary for our copywriters to craft the compelling content you expect on your new website.

How does the interview process work?

We interview our customers on the telephone for about thirty minutes. At least five days before the call is scheduled, we’ll send you the Website Content Guidelines package with a summary of the kinds of things we’ll ask you during our phone meeting. You might have more than one person on your side of the call and you might email us certain documents to help us understand your business best.

How do you learn about my business?

We have a proven consultative interview process, coupled with our extensive website building experience, that results in quality, seo-friendly content. When you sign up with EZsytes, we’ll send you our Website Content Guidelines package so you can be prepared during your interview.

Are you following Google’s policy guidelines?

Do you have Privacy & Terms?
Do you have an Affiliate Disclaimer?
Do you have a contact page & form?

Is Your Site Optimized to attract your primary audience?

Have you done your keyword research for SEO?
Have you included shareable content, images and quotes?
Is your contact info displayed on every page?
Is your site mobile responsive?
Are you frequently adding and updating your content?

Is your site trustworthy?

Do you have a professionally designed website?
Is your site optimized for both desktop and mobile devices?
Does your site feature an attractive photo of you?
Do do you have testimonials that speak to your visitors objections?
Are you displaying all credentials, badges, memberships, etc. ?
Are you encouraging social media followers?

Are You setup to convert your site visitors?

Is your call-to-action ‘above the fold’ on the page?
Are you asking engaging questions?
Are you offering an irresistible lead magnet to encourage site visitors to provide their email address?
Do you have an effective marketing funnel to turn your prospects into clients?

Are these two important Marketing Messages answered?

Are you clear who your ideal client is?
How are you helping them?

Does the Website Answer your visitors 2 burning questions?

Am I in the right place?
Is the information on this site what I’’m looking for?

lifetime customer value

As EZsytes runs on a subscription model, we want customers to stick around as long as possible. If a therapist or counselor is going to invest in a website, they have every intention to keep the website live for a long time. Compare that to an individual who might do everything by himself and could stop paying any minute.

No contracts

You are not committed to a contract or asked to generate a certain amount of customers. We are available to you and your customers when you need us.

Offer a state-of-the-art service

Just as you’re always working to improve your process to reach and serve your customers better, the same rings true for us. That’s why our focus is making sure that Odyssey grows with you and never remains stagnant.

Risk free business growth

You can expand your range of services without investing in new team members or training as our developers and designers will act as a seamless extension of your business

Grows Your Bottom Line

One great thing about this website services is that it is billed monthly, every month, for as long as the customer uses the service. Any you get residual income every month.  This will provide a consistent predictable income on top of your other sales.

Improves Customer Retention

By selling website services you are keeping yourself top-of-mind with your frequent customers as well as the customers that use your services infrequently.

Expand your range of services

Adding websites and web services to your service offerings is a natural fit since you already provide marketing and sales materials to your customers.

Builds on your current offerings

You are already providing design services, marketing materials and maybe mailing services. Offering website and online services are a natural fit.

What if my customer needs a custom site that requires more work

If your customer’s website needs don’t fit into one of our packages we will conduct a free discovery session and provide them with a project proposal and estimate.

Can I get a website too?

Certainly! In addition to your free landing page if you sign up for your own website we have some extra goodies for you. If you are interested schedule a consultation so we can review the program with you.

Do you provide other services?

Of course. After the website is launched we can discuss all types of internet related services

How is this different than outsourcing?

The difference is that you don’t have to do any of the work or field any support calls. We handle it all.

What on-going support do I receive?

In addition to your access to a dedicated professional we provide monthly on-demand trainings covering various topics

How much can I make on each sale?

Each sale of your main offering will net you a $50 commission and $50 each month the customer stays with our service

How much money can I make?

I won’t give you the “sky’s the limit” line. This is an add-on service to your current business. That said, you can make as much money as your sales commitment and customer pool allows.

What does the signup process look like?

All you do is enter your company, name, email and phone number into this form and one of the principals will contact you

Who is a good prospect for the Website Service?

Check out our guidance here

Who will I work with?

You will be assigned a dedicated support professional who can provide you all the information you need and coordinate any special circumstances with the rest of our support team.

How can I be sure you’ll please my customers?

We have been in the website business for over 10 years and supplying software and technology to small businesses for over thirty years.

Do I get any marketing support?

We provide you with a branded landing page, sales materials and sales support.

Is there any cost to be in the Partner program?

There are no costs to you.

What kind of business do they have?

Therapists , healers, coaches and other types of service business are great candidates for this service

Do you give your site visitors the opportunity to share on social sites?

Social network users trust content shared by their peers

Does your website load fast on both desktop and Mobile?

A major reason why visitors leave and a major factor in your Google search ranking is website load speed.

Does your website show your company in the best light?

Current research says that you have milliseconds to grab your site visitors attention. It gets harder and harder to grab your site visitors attention. It is important that your website have a good, current design. This includes engaging images and a simple, clear message that speaks to your audience.

Is your website easy to navigate?

More than 50% of website visitors will leave your website if it is difficult to navigate. Having proper navigation, both by having a good menu structure and using internal links, can increase sales and get your site ranked higher in the search engines.

Does your website speak to your target audience?

If your website is not speaking to the concerns and information needs of your target audience you don’t have a chance.

Are you proud of your website?

You and your business not only deserve a website you are proud of, your customers, prospects and vendors will see you as more professional..

What is the current feedback from your website?

If you are getting no feedback or negative feedback it is clear that the website is not representing your business well.

Are you getting the new business you want?

If your website is not generating the business you need then it’s time to find out why!

Does your website look great on all mobile devices?

Google favors responsive websites. An update in 2015 punished non mobile-friendly websites in the search rankings.

Do you have someone to manage their current site?

Often the reason why a website gets neglected is because the original designer/developer/agency are no longer available or not helpful.

When was your website last updated?

People tend not to trust outdated websites. In fact 75% of users judge a company’s credibility based on their website’s design. If you have not updated your site in the last 3-4 years your design and messaging, most likely, are out-of-date.

What would success look like for you if we rebuild your site?

It is important to know what you want your new site to do so we can target that goal and measure the result.

Do they have a website?

If you currently have a website then it is clear you understand the need for internet marketing.  Then the next question; are you ready to attract more business?  If you are then a  new website or a website refresh is the next step.

What is their total marketing budget?

If your marketing budget is a minimum of $3500 for the year our website service is a very sound investment

Are you currently investing in marketing?

If you are currently spending money on marketing then you understand the value and importance of getting your message out there to your customers and prospects. In today’s environment getting your message out there on the web is as important. It is more important than being in the yellow pages was 20 years ago.

How do I submit update requests

send us an email to [email protected]

How do I map a domain

Send us an email with the login information for your registrar and we’ll take care of it for you

How do I get support

Send an email to [email protected]

Keyword Research

Identifying the most important keywords for your website is the foundation of all SEO

Title Tags

This is short, keyword specific text that is displayed in the browser tab

Keyword specific page titles

A keyword rich title adds to your SEO score

Correct use of “H” tags

H1, H2 and H3 tags tell the search engine that these parts of the page are more important

Eye catching images

Interesting and appealing images entice your visitor to stay on the site longer

Original Video content

Great video content will keep users on your site longer and is a great way to communicate your message

Engaging content

Great content keeps the interested reader longer. Sprinkle in your main and related keywords and the search engines are happy too.

Responsive Design

Google has endorsed responsive design as the way to have your website look great on any device without having to maintain separate code for each

Outbound links
Internal links
Image optimization

Having correctly sized and optimized images reduces the load time of your pages.

Social Sharing

When people mention your practice on social platforms like LinkedIn or Facebook or review sites like Yelp and Google My Business Google it enhances the reputation of your site

Local Business Citations

Google trusts websites that have listings on reputable business directories

Site Speed

Speed is a major ranking factor. Optimizing the speed of your site can make a huge difference especially on mobile

Can I get a Refund

We offer 30 day “No Questions asked” refund.  refund for the any service provided for the current billing period.

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