– Why Switch?

I surveyed the web for information, reviews, testimonials and complaints about the I have included a list of reference sites below. I limited my search to information after January 2016.

– I found no one recommending Homestead as a good value.
– None of the honest reviews gave a rating higher that 2 out of five stars.
– the majority of the postings on the web are complaints.
– The Endurence International Group 2013 Annual Report (homestead’s parent company) states “subscriber relationships and trade names both have estimated useful lives of ten years” In other words EIG, the parent company of Homestead predicted that the current Homestead subscribers would leave the company by 2022!

In addition WIX.COM is NOT Accredited by the Better Business Bureau.

The Google Trend chart below illustrates the steady decline of interest in

The next image shows the steep decline in websites since EIG took over in 2013 (from

The chart below from the statistics shows how poorly Homestead websites rank in Google.? It shows that less than .03% of Homestead websites hosted on are in the top ONE MILLION websites!?

On the other hand the usage statistics for WordPress websites has been steadily climbing since 2011 at a current rate of approximately one thousand (1,000) per week.



Homestead In 2018: What Do Homestead Client Reviews Say?

2013 EIG Annual Report

Homestead Usage Statistics & Trends

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